A Strange Request

Hello, hello, hello!
I’m calling to ask for myself.
I know it’s rude to call so late
And I have a strange request.
I need me to whole again.
I looked in the mirror
And could not see myself.
I touched my body
And could not feel myself.
I know I should have waited
Until a decent hour,
But this time I left too much.
Are you certain you didn’t notice
How much I have left?
Each time I’ve lost a little more,
Smiles on the rug,
Laughter on the ceiling,
Passion on the window sill.
Little pieces of me scattered
Like particles of dust.
I was sure you would notice,
But I never got your attention.
Yes, I know it’s late.
Just put me on the side.
I don’t want to be vacuumed up
And thrown out with the trash.
Yes, I really need every part.
There’s nothing left of me.