Dancing Fool

All day long I don’t eat,
Anticipating the night.
In the dark,
In the basement we’ll dance.
The blue light,
The red light,
Back in the corner
We’ll hold each other’s bodies.
We’ll grind and dip
To the sweet sounds of love songs
That speak of emotions
We’ve yet to discover.
I’m a fool,
For I've practiced
Forever for this moment.,
The moment when we dance
And everyone stares at us.
All eyes on us,
Because the dance we do is real.
It is real for me,
Your dancing fool
Who has no other purpose
Than to please you with steps,
Subtle gestures and motions.
I sing in your ear
The song I’ve learned
Just to sing to you
As we dance so close
As if love has joined us.
The scents of your perfume
And my cologne
Mingle in sweat.
The beat of the music
Burns inside of me
And pours out in drops
That make my shirt cling
In the hollow of my back.
It’s not cool to sweat
But your dancing fool
Has waited so long
To be next to you,
Excitement flows
From every pore.
I always dance too fast
As if the music will stop
And I know it will.
Till the last notes are played,
Like a fool I’ll dance
A thousand steps
Hoping that as we spin
We’ll enter eternity
And I’ll never long for
Your touch again,
Spend days and weeks
Waiting for the next dance.
We never spin fast enough,
So I practice in my room,
In windows going down the street,
Anxiously awaiting,
The next time I can be
Your dancing fool.